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Behind Project-F & Resilen: Racing inspired utilitarian design

Behind Project-F & Resilen: Racing inspired utilitarian design


Celebrating its 2nd anniversary, The F-thing held a fashion collaboration with Indonesia local brand called Project F. They invited 6 of Indonesia's best talents from various backgrounds to showcase fashion styling, grooming and make-up. Resilen collaborates with 4 talents and creates 5 inspired looks in this Project F.


speed | spiːd | 

[mass noun] the rate at which someone or something moves or operates or is able to move or operate

Speed is one of the essential things in life. Speed differentiate one from another human being. From speed, the spirit of racing is born. Being human, we always racing to push the limit of what is possible. The endurance and persistence needed to push the limit inspired us to create racing inspired special collection looks. 

We designed from scratch 3 looks, from Racing T-shirt, Racing Pants and Racing inspired Black Sport Dress. We only use the black color because we want to highlight the endurance and persistence of the wearer, stripping everything unnecessary. We added our signature ColdWave fabric at the side to dissolve heat faster when your adrenaline rushing to your head. We also created an emblem derived from our resilen logo to symbolise the spirit of persistence to break the limit of what's possible. We also add the “RESIST” wording to give a subtle and bold statement

Black Sport Dress

This is our take in a combination of the sporty yet elegant dress. Using our signature three fabric blend combination, we created a racing-inspired dress with balance of elegance yet bold sporty attitude. The ColdWave fabric on the side combined with 100% cotton fabric gives the dress airier comfortable touch. We designed this dress to help dissolve the heat faster. We tried to break the tradition of a dress that’s hot, uncomfortable and complicated to wear in Jakarta’s climate.

Black Racing T-shirt

Endurance, resistance, and speed inspired us to create a new T-shirt design to encapsulate this unique combination. Emphasizing the essence of racing for both water and land, to become the blueprint for our original Black Racing T-shirt. We design a t-shirt by using our lightweight and extremely breathable 100% cotton stretch fabric, engineered to handling extreme adrenaline-fuelled moments. Racing flaps with the word "RESIST" in the shoulder embrace the sportiness with a dash of elegance. Combination with ColdWave fabric also made heat dissipation faster so you can stay comfortable from doing light sport activity to night racing, in the street, water or sky. 

Black Racing Pants

We engineered a new pants design that optimized for a casual race car driver or speed junkie out there. We use the best cotton blend 4-way stretch fabric to give the best experience of pants. A new front utilitarian pocket with zippers are used to keep your things securely, making it extra comfy for a long sitting period. From
 racing to victory, running in a marathon or in an airplane to your next business meeting, this utilitarian pants is your best bet on making things happen with style.

The race towards your goals, race to finish your work on time, push on breaking the limit, trying challenge the impossible or simply just race to the finish line to be the coolest guy in town, you name it.


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