History of Resilen

Resilen was conceptualized as a brand in 2018, with its first look sketched on a napkin on an airplane ride back to Jakarta. The core idea was to create a simple fashion line, including products like protective T-shirts and pants that could be worn in Jakarta without making people sweat.

In 2019, Resilen launched its first SS19 collection, known as the "Ultimate Utilitarian Series," which was tested on the streets of Jakarta and London. The collection featured the iconic ColdWave fabric and a timeless combination of black and beige, allowing for versatility in various settings.

In 2020, despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, Resilen experienced increased demand and collaborated with the now-defunct F-thing. They introduced new silhouettes like the Ultimate Utilitarian Dress and the Traveling Pants series. Resilen expanded its online presence by joining platforms like Lazada, Zalora, and Blibli.

In 2021, due to the ongoing pandemic, the full SS21 collection was not launched, but a physical retail store was opened in Grand Indonesia, under Central Department store. The Ultimate Utilitarian Series was updated with new models and colors.

In 2022, Resilen released its partial SS23 collection, which introduced two new series: the Everyday Essentials Series and the Active Comfort Series. The Everyday Essentials Series added classic patterns like polo shirts and dresses, while the Active Comfort Series catered to customers' demands for sports apparel. Resilen also expanded its retail presence by joining another department store and selling its products in Sarinah.

In 2023, Resilen launched its full SS24 collection after working hard throughout the year. The collection featured outerwear designed from scratch, using newer and better materials that could be worn comfortably in hot weather. Resilen also opened a new offline retail location inside Metro Department store and revamped its online presence.

The brand's commitment to creating products resistant to hot weather and suitable for Jakarta's urban life remains steadfast, with the aim of becoming a brand that synonymous with a resilient attitude.