About Resilen

A call for originality 

Resilen was founded with the aim of addressing the challenges faced by individuals living in densely populated urban areas near the equator, where high temperatures and humidity prevail. We sought to create original solutions that would not only be fashionable but also practical and effective in keeping people cool and protected from the sun and temperature changes. 

Our team conducted extensive research on fabrics and experimented with different materials to develop clothing designs that would resist hot weather. Ultimate Utilitarian T-shirts and Pants, made with a combination of high-quality cotton, polyester, and ColdWave fabric, became our brand iconic signature products. 


Understated Utilitarian Design

We understands that individuals requiring protective clothing lead active and demanding lifestyles. Our core design principle is centered around a more understated utilitarian approach. While our clothes may appear simple, they are packed with hidden functionality that allows wearers to seamlessly transition between different activities, whether it's rushing to a meeting, playing basketball during lunch, or conducting on-site surveys. The utilitarian nature of the designs ensures that wearers can engage in various demanding activities without any hindrance. 

Manufactured with the Highest Qualifications #MadeinJakarta

Unlike other brands, We maintains complete control over the entire production process, from research and development to design and manufacturing, which takes place in our own warehouse and factory. We adhere to export quality standards and subject all Resilen products to stringent quality checks, following International Garment and Fabric Standards. 

A Genuine Solution for Jakarta's Demanding Life

Resilen was inspired by the challenging living conditions in Jakarta, known for its traffic jams, pollution, and lack of greenery. Our products are specifically tailored to meet the needs of individuals facing similar challenges in the city. For instance, Resilen's pants are designed to provide comfort during long hours of sitting in traffic, while also being suitable for walking in hot weather. Our T-shirts offer style and the ability to absorb sweat from the sun's heat, making them ideal for strolling in shopping malls or a walk in the park. Resilen's Ultimate Utilitarian Series, Active Comfort Series, and Everyday Essentials Series are the result of our efforts to address this unique problems faced by Jakarta's residents. 

The Science of Resilience

We are pushing the boundaries of resilience and are committed to continuous research and development of better and sustainable materials. Pursuing the goal of making clothes that are more resilient to global warming and also more sustainable, we at Resilen are determined to make this long-term goal come true.