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Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm

About Resilen

A call for originality 

Resilen isn't started as a brand, but more like an answer to a problem. A common problem for three of the founding member shared. You can't wear most of the imported fashionable trendy clothes in Jakarta, it's simply just too hot with not so fitting shape pattern for Indonesian body shape, and wasn't designed to withstand the daily hustle of Jakarta. 

You need something that is designed and engineered from the ground up to hustle in Jakarta with style. That's why we design Resilen clothes to focus on the function over form, obsessing over designing common yet comfortable pattern and focusing on heat reduction, and able to manage extreme temperature change from cold AC room to Jakarta's hot outdoor. Unlike other brands which just copying established streetwear like Supreme or off-white, Resilen is built from scratch for you to survive the heat, traffic and city life of Jakarta. 

Our trio founder has combined experience serving luxury, sports, and manufacturing industry. One is working as lead designer for one of the oldest luxury brand in London, with the other one served as marketing director for one of the biggest sports brand in Portland, and the last one managed manufacturing chain for one of the biggest department stores in Indonesia.  


Focus on sustainability and resisting fast fashion 

One coming from the luxury background, sustainability played a big role in setting the mindset when designing for Resilen. It needs to resist the world biggest waste pollution source contributor, which is the fast fashion industry. We are using the highest quality material available paired with the most advanced manufacturing technique, combining timeless aesthetic to make our clothes last long in our wardrobe. Each clothes was designed with a function in mind, to help you resist the heat, resist the daily life hustle with light individualism on the top. We picked the most commonly used pattern and focusing on the intricacy of balancing between style and functionality. All of our clothes are 100% handmade in Jakarta, thus our quantity is always limited and quality is always guaranteed. 

Homage to the Jakarta notorious traffic and car culture. 

Resilen is the answer to what Jakarta need. City inhabitants need something versatile to help them hustle the heat, the traffic and the city life in general, and with Jakarta's notorious traffic and heat, we designed our clothes to tackle this. Our clothes are engineered to tackle temperature drop from notoriously cold AC office room or shopping mall, to the hot outdoor. From passively stuck in the traffic, to actively roaming the shopping malls of the city. 

Our design also pays the homage of the ever growing car culture in Jakarta. Clean and sporty aerodynamic lines ever-present throughout our clothes, with a modern and chic feel for you to navigate between mall hopping and street racing. 

100% Made in Jakarta 

All of our products are proudly designed and manufactured in Jakarta, in our own factory thus the quality of our product is guaranteed. Unlike other brands, we control all the process from R&D, designs, productions in our own warehouse and factory. Our factory follows the export quality standard when manufacturing for all Resilen clothes. All our product is being through quality check (QC) twice with International Garment and Fabric Standard with zero tolerance and defects to make sure deliver only the best quality product.