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Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm

Everyday Short Pants Female Black


We engineer from the ground up and ask what qualities that make the best short pants. Our loved polyester blend fabric is used in these pants that are quick-dry, absorb sweat, and are easy to iron. 

These elastic waistband pants have two front pockets that are equipped with zippers so when you sit down, drive, run, or stroll around the mall, your stuff sits where it suppose to be. 

Our groundbreaking innovation come in the back pocket which we design to be big and multifunction so you can carry a bunch of stuff like a tennis ball, towel, car key, or even a water bottle. 

7 days money-back guarantee and 7 days free size exchange and return. Tax and shipping are included. Secure web payment and traditional transfer method are available. Click here to learn more.

Size Specs:

  • S: Waist: 60 Cm, Tight: 46 cm, Length: 46 Cm
  • M: Waist: 64 Cm, Tight: 48 cm, Length: 48 Cm
  • L: Waist: 68 Cm, Tight: 50 cm, Length: 50 Cm
  • XL: Waist: 72 Cm, Tight: 52 cm, Length: 52 Cm

Disclaimer: Because we are 100% handmade, the size will vary 1-3% of the size specification.


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